Pyro-Bloc fibre modules are the ideal choice for high temperature furnace linings in industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces.  High Temp Inc can assist in design and installation of all types of Pyro-Bloc.  This includes the original “Y” Module, which has a 3/16” weld stud installed in the module at the factory.  These require a Pyro-Block stud gun which is available for purchase or rental.  The modules are placed against a steel plate and compressed using a compression box.  The stud is welded from the hot face surface.  This same process can be followed with a one block repair or an entire furnace lining.

For extra abusive application, the “M” stud Pyro-Bloc is available.  These are mounted on a “pre-laid out” pattern with the 3/8” threaded stud welded for center attachment.  The “M” Module is then bolted to the steel shell with the nuts mounted over the internal hardware to the hold the module securely in place.  This style also allows for solid wall paper blanket to be installed behind the module for additional insulation and protection.

Corner Modules are available for both “Y” and “M” Modules.  These come in handy for door jambs and flue openings.

High Temp can also run heat flow programs to help you decide which thickness, density and style would work best for your project.  This program will give you your cold face temperature at peak operating temperature.

We offer the largest inventory of Thermal Ceramics Pyro-Bloc Modules in the western United States.  Call us for any technical or pricing questions regarding Pyro-Bloc.

Below is a link to Thermal Ceramics website for even further information about Pyro-Bloc.

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